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VojniciThe Starlux legacy can be traced back to Elie Tarroux, who created a small toy factory in 1900.
Like Elastolin and Lineol in Germany, Durso in Belgium and Nardi in Italy, Starlux of France originally produced composition figures.
He created, molded, and decorated soldiers made from a mixture of adhesive and precipitated chalk. 
For 38 years Pierre Beffara worked with Tarroux.

After the war in 1945, Beffara created Starlux. He gave up the chalk for plastics and developed an injection process for his figures. Starlux began operating in Périgueux in 1947.
The company was quite prolific and offered a very diverse range.
The time periods issued covered Medieval, Napoleonics, Romans, Gauls, Modern Soldiers, Space Figures, Prehistoric Times and Pirates.
Starlux also made a range of trees, modern animals and soldiers
Starting in the late 1960's Starlux started issuing two different paint styles, "Luxe" and the buget line or how it was commonly known as "Choc line".
Most production was discontinued in the late 1980's with only a few lines produced in the "Choc" scheme. Twice in the 1990's Starlux has started and ceased operations and is currently out of business.